PPE Inspection

Look after your PPE, look after yourself!

An important service that we offer is PPE inspection. Our PPE is vital in keeping ourselves and others safe at work, but we also know that our equipment is only as good as the user and part of that is ensuring that our equipment is safe.

We know that you will be inspecting your own equipment everytime you put it on, and everytime you use it, but sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we are a) not sure b) in need of a 3rd party inspection or c) do not have the theoretical or practical knowledge to be deemed ‘competent’ to inspect our equipment in accordance with the appropriate regulations to ensure that we are safe whilst operating.

** The LOLER and PUWER regulations deem a competent person to have the knowledge and experience required, but also, should be able to make an impartial judgement on the equipment that they are inspecting, which is why 3rd party inspection can be advantageous. **

Common ‘faults’ that appear during inspections are abrasions caused by wear and tear that show lots of broken fibres (it may look furry or bobbly) which impacts the integrity of the fabric. Another common ‘fault’ is equipment being in use beyond the obselenscense date or manufacturers guidelines.

Remember that as Working at Height Specialists we have a legal duty to adhere to the PPE Regulations 2002, The Work at Height Regulations 2005, the LOLER/ PUWER Regulations 1998 and the manufacturers guidance. Part of adhering to these regulations is to ensure that our equipment is inspected, safe, and suitable for use.

If you are interested in having your PPE inspected, please give me a call on 07583 668530 or drop me an email at info@amropeaccessandtraining.com

**Prices upon enquiry**

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